Lecture Overview


Overview of general mathematics courses for the first semester of 2012


Hongjoong Kim, Department of Mathematics, College of Science


<ELEMENTARY MATHEMATICS AND CALCULUS WITH LAB (MATH163)> is a course for students who studied natural sciences in high school, but lack confidence in calculus or mathematics in general.

<ELEMENTARY MATHEMATICS AND CALCULUS WITH LAB (MATH163)>(Interdepartmental Course) is intended for students lacking basic knowledge of calculus or who studied liberal arts in high school. This is also recommended for students who graduated from high schools outside of Korea. This is the easiest among the three calculus courses. Graduates of high school science programs are not allowed to take this course.

<CALCULUS WITH LAB I (MATH161)> is for students who exceled in “Differentiation and Integration” in high school, and have confidence in their mathematical skills. Chapters overlapping with the high school curriculum are omitted (necessary when considering the number of topics that can be covered in one year).


Calculus is essential for the study of natural sciences and engineering. Over two semesters, students will learn basic concepts, properties and applications of calculus.

The following topics are covered in the first semester.

  • Chapter 1. Functions
  • Chapter 2. Limits and Continuity
  • Chapter 3. Differentiation
  • Chapter 4. Applications of Derivatives
  • Chapter 5. Integration
  • Chapter 6. Applications of Definite Integrals
  • Chpater 7. Integrals and Transcendental Functions
  • Chapter 8. Techniques of Integration
  • Chapter 10. Polar Coordinates
  • Chapter 11. Infinite Sequences and Series
  • Chapter 12. Vectors and the Geometry of Space

The following topics are covered in the second semester.

  • Chapter 13. Vector-Valued Functions and Motions in Space
  • Chapter 14. Partial Derivatives
  • Chapter 15. Multiple Integrals
  • Chapter 16. Integration in Vetor Fields

Thomas' Calculus (early transcendentals) 11th edition

Mathematics Q&A Room

TAs will provide answers to questions on general mathematics.

  • Place : Room 101, College of Science Annex
  • Time : 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. (except 12 P.M. to 1 P.M.) on Mondays to Fridays

Instructions for Course Registration

  • Students must only attend assigned courses to prevent classroom overcrowding.
  • Those who are unable to do so should obtain approval from the Department of Mathematics after providing justification to the Academic Office of the College of Science during the course registration period.


Total: 370
Exam (300) Participation (70)
- First midterm exam: 100
- Second midterm exam: 100
- Final exam: 100
Students are evaluated based on their class participation, quiz results and assignments.
Students receive an F if they are absent from any exam. Students absent from class on more than 10 occasions will receive an F regardless of their scores.

Exam Schedule

  • First Exam : 04. 07 (Sat.) P.M 3:00- 5:00
  • Second Exam : 05. 12 (Sat.) P.M 3:00 - 5:00
  • Third Exam : 06. 19 (Tue.) P.M 7:00 - 9:00

The following topics (subject to change) are covered in each exam.
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