Korea University

Department of Mathematics

Research Areas

As of 2011, the Department of Mathematics has 18 full-time faculty specializing in various fields, performing research in algebra, number theory, complex function theory, applied analysis, geometric topology, differential geometry, minimal surface theory, probability theory, queueing theory, optimization theory, game theory and fluid dynamics. Below is a description of some faculty research interests.

Research Areas
Choe, Boo Rim Univariable or multi-variable complex function theory, operator theory in function space, harmonic function theory, Hardy space, Bergman space, Block space, BMOA space, harmonic analysis
Yang, Seong-Deog Minimal surfaces modeled from soap film and Riemannian/Lorentzian manifolds modeled after real-world spaces
Kim,Hong-Joong Computational fluid dynamics and mathematical finance scientific computing (computational fluid dynamics, mathematical finance)
Kim,Young-Wook Geometric function theory, Riemannian geometry, and geometry in singular spaces; geometric problems related to real-world problems, graphics or data processing
Kim, Junseok Research in various fields of natural sciences, medical engineering, and financial engineering based on partial differential equations, numerical analysis, and computer programming algorithms
Koo, Hyungwoon Functional analysis of harmonic functions and complex functions; research on Toeplitz operators and composition operations in Berman space or Hardy space

The department seeks to attain higher standards of education and research by recruiting outstanding full-time faculty. Every year, post-doctoral researchers and visiting professors actively engage in research at the Department of Mathematics.