Korea University

Department of Mathematics


Bylaws of the Mathematics Department Alumni Association

Article 1: General Provisions
  • Section 1 This association shall be called Korea University Mathematics Department Alumni Association.
  • Section 2 The purpose of this association is to promote acquaintanceship between alumni and intimacy between alumni and the department.
  • Section 3 The Association shall be consisted of... students who have earned their Bachelor’s Degree, Masters Degree, or Doctoral Degrees from the Mathematics Department.
Article 2 Committee
  • Section 5 The following board members shall be appointed to the association.
    • 1 President
    • 2 auditors (finance managers)
    • At least 5 vice-presidents
    • A few executive directors
    • 1 General Affairs Director
    • 1 Association Manager
  • Section 6 The President and the Auditors shall be appointed directly by the Association, while the appointment of the Vice President, Executive Directors, the General Affairs Director and the Association Manager shall delegated to the President.
  • Section 7 The president shall manage the overall general affairs on behalf of the Association.
  • Section 8 The assistant administrator shall assist the president and the vice-president, and shall be responsible for the general affairs, accounting and business affairs of the association in accordance to the president’s decisions.
  • Section 9 The Auditor shall audit the accounts of the Association.
  • Section 10 The term of board members shall be two years. However, the term of a member who takes office by a by-election shall be the remaining term of his/her predecessor.
Article 3 Rules
  • Section 11 There will be General Assemblies and Provisional General Assemblies, and the President shall convene them.
    1. The General Assembly shall be convened on the Mathematicians Day in September every year.
    2. A Provisional General Assembly shall be held when
    3. -the president deems one necessary or at least 50 members call for one.
  • Section 12 A General Assembly shall be held by at least 50 members.
    1. The General Assembly shall consider the following articles:
    2. Budget and settlement of Accounts
    3. Appointment of the President and Auditors
    4. Amendment of the Bylaws
    5. Other matters deemed necessary by the president
    6. Matters discussed by the General Assembly shall be decided by approval by the majority of the attendance.
Article 4 Finance
  • Section 13 The finance of the association shall be supplied by the following revenues:
    1. Fundings
    2. Entrance fee
    3. Regular membership fee
    4. Provisional Dues
    5. Special Donations
    6. Other revenues
    The membership fees shall be decided by the general assembly.
  • Section 14 The decisions made by the Association are valid from January 1 to December 30 each year.
  • Section 15 The President shall settle the accounts and the income and expenditures, then report them to the General Assembly upon the auditing of the auditors
Article 5 Supplementary Provisions
  • Section 16 An alumnus who has committed an act of disgrace to the association may be expelled by resolution of the general assembly. Resolutions of the preceding clause must have a consent of three-quarters or more of the attendance to be enforced.