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Interdisciplinary Major

1. Purpose

In the modern society, where the knowledge field is diversified, it is necessary for the students to actively cope with these social structures and various occupations in the modern society, and by joining two or more disciplines or integrating themes, And to discover and cultivate fields that have not been established at the present university but are now regarded as new fields at home and abroad.

It also aims to give students the opportunity to choose a broader majors by presenting various majors to meet the needs of society.

2. Opening Status of Interdisciplinary Majors

Department Office of the corresponding department/division in each college/school
Major name Corresponding department Contact
Science and Technology Studies College of Liberal Arts +82-2-3290-1314
Liberal Arts and Law
EML (Emerging Market &Latin America) Program
Language, Brain &Computer
Humanities and Creative Industry
Global Leader for East Asian Century
Ecologic landscape College of Life Sciences &Biotechnology Environmental Science &Ecological Engineering +82-2-3290-4963
Climate Change Program
Medical Science and Engineering College of Life Sciences &Biotechnology Department of Life Sciences &Biotechnology +82-2-3290-4960
Financial Engineering College of Political Science and Economics Department of Economics +82-2-3290-2200
Law and Public Administration College of Political Science and Economics Department of Public Administration +82-2-3290-2270
PEL(Politics, Economics and Law) Program
Cryptology College of Science Department of Mathematics +82-2-3290-3070
Department of Fashion Design and Merchandising College of Education Department of Home Economics Education +82-2-3290-2320
Multicultural Korean Education College of Education Department of Korean Language Education +82-2-3290-2340
Interdisciplinary Major in Brain and Cognitive Sciences College of Information &Communication +82-2-3290-4931
Department of Software Technology and Enterprise College of Information &Communication +82-2-3290-4931
Food Industrial Management College of Health Science +82-2-3290-5605
Public Governance and Leadership School of Interdisciplinary Studies +82-2-3290-1415
Medical Convergence Engineering KU-KIST Graduate School of Converging Science and Technology +82-2-3290-5901
Convergence Security Division of Information Security +82-2-3290-4253
Information Security +82-2-3290-4252
Social Welfare College of Liberal Arts Department of Sociology +82-44-860-1203
DMC (Digital Media Culture) College of Liberal Arts Department of Archaeology and Art History
Financial Derivatives Engineering College of Science and Technology Department of Mathematics +82-44-860-1310
GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) Major Convergence Institute for International Education +82-2-3290-1155


Students who have been enrolled in the first majors for at least three semesters and have earned 34 (36) or more credits.

※ Transfer students may apply after completing one or more semesters at Korea University.

4. Interdisciplinary Majors arranged by the Mathematics Department